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A Consulting Firm In Silicon Valley

We have solid experience in overseeing the full cycle of the R&D process, by shaping early stage ideas and transforming them into ready-for-validation products. Product categories include brain stimulation devices, ultrasound, cosmetic and tissue healing, catheter-based devices and stethoscopes.

All of the products include cutting edge technology and are used for eliminating human diseases from acute to chronic status. The categories include neurological disorders, mental illness, cardiovascular narrowing, and autoimmune disease. We have developed less to non-invasive medical devices with few or no side effects, from diagnostic to treatment for severe human diseases.


Developed items include:

  • Magnetic stimulation system for treating neurological disorders
  • Immuno-assay system and rapid detection method for life-threatening pathogens in human specimen,
    such as E. Coli 157 strain
  • Catheter-based drug-eluting balloon system
  • Antibody-like vaccine for treating non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and asthma

We tailor the method for reaching the results which matches your needs, goals and budget.