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A Consulting Firm In Silicon Valley

Back country residence in remote mountain area generally have hard time to transform their daily lives to meeting the requirement of preservative rule setup in high standard by the government. The chances are rare for them to receive sufficient resources and useful assistance in an affordable way. Sometime, poverty, ineffective communication and other cultural barrier reasons may slow down the process of improving living condition. This would result in an irreversible and devastating damage along the time over the geographical system in watering and the whole environment polluted by the wastes from human and animal. Pathogen infection is another issue, dispersed via the contacts between human beings and animals, which simply adverse the residence health and threaten the safety to the tourist.


  • Bio-compatible microbial composing system
  • Environment-friendly chemical composing system
  • Cost effective, simple design and rapid composing system
  • Initial strategy, cost and vendor analysis
  • Advanced technology sourcing and research