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A Consulting Firm In Silicon Valley

ZeneGen is a Silicon Valley based consulting business, offering high-quality strategic and operational solutions to clients ranging from individuals to small to large companies. We specialize in biotechnology, digital health, medtech and healthcare. The Company works with a strong network of outstanding legal firms, advisors, consultants and governmental relations directors across the USA, Europe, China, Japan and Taiwan. The Company started its business by identifying and developing innovative medical device products. The Company has expanded its service offerings and recently celebrated 12 years of operations in the Silicon Valley.

Get to the Top of the World

Ninety five percent of startups fail in completing projects because of improper management and/or they run out of cash. Work estimates versus project goals with quality are not correctly disclosed by consultants and contractors at the beginning, so you and your company are eventually trapped by unexpected extra work and costs. At most of the time you don’t receive satisfactory results but invoices and billing statements continue to be sent to you. The project may only be half way finished due to running over budget. The ZeneGen team has extensive experience in completing projects on budget and can assist in helping your project reach a successful outcome.

Find the Smart Way to Structure Your Project and Reach Your Goals with Confidence

The Company team has intensive experience in creating cutting-edge innovation. It has track records in building intellectual properties, unique research methodology and seamless planning. Our selected consultants are devoting their efforts to carry out of the challenging process to accomplish the goal of your project by taking care of your need and budget. The clients will be satisfied by receiving more than they have expected to reach goals.